In a sector where technological (new consoles, online, mobile internet), commercial (changing consumption patterns, new business models) and legal (copyright, licenses) aspects are always on the move, Prodeo Consulting assists companies by providing its expertise on the operation modes of media groups, video game publishers and licensees.


On behalf of our clients we locally or internationally perform consulting missuins in the following fields:

  • Business development
  • Marketing and sales
  • Commercial deploymentlogo-connect
  • Content acquisition
  • Platform development
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Gamification of existing platforms

More and more companies are using Serious Gaming, or create dedicated communities to publicize their brand, retain their audience and extend the consumer experience. We support our customers on this type of projects, identify potential partners, negotiate the various implementation options and set up the conditions for a successful partnership.


Telecom and media groups must more than ever integrate gaming in their strategy. We assist them in the design and development of appropriate platforms, and gained a unique expertise in the Cloud Gaming industry.



In the context of media convergence, Prodeo helps Innovative Companies in their search of commercial success and to set up effective partnerships.

During the project set up, we identify a selection of potential partners, provide advice to the selection of the best partners and are involved in the negotiations until the final signature.


Then we support our customers throughout the production process, including:

  • Production monitoring
  • Identification and tracking of potential legal, technological, human and business risks
  • Technical implementation and SLA services
  • Monitoring of the marketing synergy


A regular and adapted reporting allows our clients to stay tuned in with the project.


Finally, Prodeo has a unique experience in Cloud Gaming, on the commercial, technological, engineering and marketing aspects of this fast-growing sector.


Prodeo‘s team has acquired a solid experience in fundraising. We gather a vast network of institutional and private investors interested in investing in fast growing companies and innovative projects.

The financial advisory services proposed by Prodeo and its partner covers:

  • Diagnosis and analyses of the business model.asdsd
  • Participation in the set up of a business development and financial planning.
  • Driving the fundraising (identifying industrial and / or financial partners, driving the negotiations).
  • Strategic growth support (shareholders policy, negotiation with strategic partners, monitoring financial reports, external growth, sectorial vigilance.


There have never been as many video game players in the world, and this sector is growing very fast!
However, the videogame industry is changing. It is moving away from boxed products to digital distribution and is now entering the era of videogame as a service. All the players within the value chain of the video game industry have to reinvent and reposition themselves:

  • Traditional video games companies are looking for new ways to distribute and even design their content
  • Media groups and brands are looking for new ways to integrate videogames in their strategies, in order to renew or improve their offers
  • Technology companies are bringing new solutions but don’t have a good knowledge of this market
  • Content acquisition
  • Platform development
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Gamification of existing platforms

Founded in 2009, Prodeo Consulting SA brings its unique expertise to all the actors of the value chain. With more than 50 years of cumulated experience in the video game industry, our team has acquired a unique knowhow in the fields of development, production, publishing, marketing and sales on all platforms including digital and Cloud Gaming.
Additionally, Prodeo Consulting has access to a network of independent specialists able to provide the most qualified answers in all fields related to the industry.

Clients and Partners

Since its recent foundation in July 2009, Prodeo executed several missions for video games and media groups, among which with the following companies:

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